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The new Daystate Panther rifle.


 Daystate Panther

The revolutionary electronic Daystate MK4, now available in a target version

The Daystate MK4 was already wearing the crown for being the most advanced PCP air rifle on the planet when Daystate updated to iS (information Screen) status a couple of years ago. The new information screen brought into view the state-of-the-art technology hidden inside this incredible electronic air rifle, and also gives the shooter ultimate control via its user-programmable options.

Now Daystate are launching a target stocked version with a similar shape to the Platinum Limited edition that the company launched last year.

Inside the Panther is a revolutionary MCT electronic firing system that generates a super quick lock-time - the period between the squeeze of the trigger and the pellet’s acceleration along the barrel - that’s up to five times faster than a conventional, mechanically-driven PCP. Additionally, the shot-to-shot consistency is effectively digitally-regulated courtesy of the MCT’s sophisticated electronic monitoring system.

Whilst the phenomenally-fast firing cycle makes it easy to get outstanding down-range results, the MK4 Panther is backed by numerous other accuracy enhancing features, from an electronically-operated, fully-adjustable match trigger to a Walther target-grade barrel that is fitted with an adjustable compensator.

Yet despite the cutting edge technology within, the MK4 is also a stunning looker, with a target stock originally created by top stock designer, Gary Cane and now produced by the stock master craftsmen Minelli of Italy. The finish on the Panther is the second outing for Daystate’s “Soft Touch” rubberised finish that is applied over a wood frame – no flimsy plastic here! 169

Main features include:

  • Soft finished Gary Cane stock 175
  • Muzzle Compensator – “Still Air” 176
  • Match grade electronic trigger 177
  • Illuminated liquid crystal display screen showing: remaining air pressure, battery status, power setting magazine shots left, number of shots fired 178
  • Removable 10 shot rotary magazine – with single shot adaptor supplied 179
  • Patented electronic trigger and firing mechanism 180
  • Patented MCT “digital regulator ” gives more shots per charge with better consistency. 181
  • New Harper MK4 valve 182
  • Electronic magazine counter 183
  • Low pressure warning 184
  • Rotary safety catch/immobiliser that completely stops the rifle from firing when applied 185
  • Red light ‘gun live’ indicator and charging led 186
  • 2 power levels both mapped for consistent performance 187
  • Single shot electronic setting 188
  • Built in key switch ‘trigger lock’ located in the trigger guard that stops the gun from firing when locked 189
  • Can be fitted with Airstream MK5 moderator 190
  • 177 or .22 calibre match-grade barrel 191

Specification includes:

  • Overall Length: 928 mm (36.5 ins) 197
  • Barrel Length: 430 mm (17 ins) 198
  • Cylinder Capacity: 144 cc 199
  • Weight (unscoped): 4.3kg (9.5 lbs) 200
  • Calibres: .177 (4.5 mm), .22 (5.5 mm) 201
  • Loading: Via bolt (electronically cocked and fired) 202
  • Magazine: 10-shot rotary, removable (from left or right). Also supplied with magnetic single shot loading tray 203
  • Fill Pressure: 230 BAR (3,335 psi) 204
  • Power and Shots per Charge: .22 - 180 shots @ 12 ft/lbs; 50 @ 30 ft/lbs 205
  • .177 - 150 shots @ 12 ft/lbs; 80 @ 18 ft/lbs 206
  • Trigger: Electronic release. Adjustable for weight and length of stage 207
  • Safety: Manual, electronic rotary lever with keyswitch Isolator 208
  • OPTIONS: left-hand bolt, black bolt handle, Moderator, palm s shelf (hamster), sling swivels 209

Price: SRP £1,360.00


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